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As a leading provider of tree care, we take pride in offering the best tree service in St George area. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. The Tree Guy was started in 2001 with the goal and desire to provide honest quality work to the people at a low price. With over 20 years experience total in the industry The Tree Guy is the right call to make when looking for a tree service.

What we can do

Our Perfect Services


Palm Trees

Tall, tropical trees with slender trunks and large, fan-shaped leaves, symbolizing exotic beaches and relaxation.

Tree Removal

Efficient Tree Removal Services: Safely Clearing Trees for Your Convenience and Safety

Tree Pruning

Trimming trees to promote healthy growth, remove dead branches, and enhance their aesthetic appeal.

Stump Removal

Extracting remnants of tree trunks and roots from the ground, eliminating the remains after tree removal.

Tree Inspections

Thorough evaluations ensure healthy trees, detecting risks, diseases, and necessary maintenance for optimal growth.

Tree Planting

Planting trees: an act of hope, replenishing the earth, fostering biodiversity, and combating climate change.
We are partnered with

Dixie Dirt Worx

As of 2017 we are partnered with Dixie Dirt Worx, a concrete and excavation specialist to ensure we can provide all needs for your yard, from the ground up. Whether it be concrete, or excavation work, read more at our Dixie Dirt Worx Page. Dixie Dirt Worx is partnered with The Tree Guy and aims to provide all your needs, Including:
  • ExcavationDigging Deep
  • Dirt WorkGround Prep and Earthworks
  • Concrete DrivewaysDurable Elegance: Concrete Driveways
  • SidewalksPathways of Urban Connectivity
  • PatiosRelaxing Patio Retreat
  • TrenchingThe Art of Trenching
  • Rock wallSolid Cliff of Natural Beauty

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